What is Markdown and what do we do?

1 minute read | 29th March, 2023 | News
What is Markdown and what do we do?

Hello world!

Today we are launching Markdown, a dedicated job board for entry level software developers. We are building a community of developers, early in their career journey, to help find their first jobs and build the next generation of software.

So, what is Markdown?

  • Markdown is a job board for college/university graduates looking for their first job in the industry.
  • Markdown is a job board for bootcamp graduates looking to take their newly acquired skills into the real world.
  • Markdown is a job board for self-taught developers who have put in the time and effort, and are looking for their first paid position.

What do we offer developers?

  • We show job listings in an browse format, allowing developers to search, filter and sort listings by location, technologies, working arrangement and more.
  • We allow developers to sign up for weekly job alerts, allowing them to get listings directly to their inbox.
  • We are writing guides and creating resources to help entry level software developers navigate the industry, level up their skills and build their network.

What do we offer hiring companies?

  • We allow companies to create a rich job listings, displaying beautifully formatted descriptions, technology stack highlighting and company links.
  • Reasonably priced listings through a self-serve allow companies to dynamically mange their listings with easy reposting, listings statuses and draft listings.
  • We want to make hiring entry level developers as prosperous as possible for companies, we are therefore writing guides and building resources that aid that process.

We look forward to building a community of entry level software developers and the companies actively hiring them. You can follow us on Twitter at @MarkdownCo for updates.

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